Viva Audio visit day two

After hearing the Viva Audio Credenza on the first day, we reserved the full second day schedule for the Viva Audio flagship statement Mastern Horn speakers system. 
Credenza already showed an impressive ability to convey the music, but I’ve experienced with my Master Horn encounter was on completely different plane. 
Master Horn system is Amedeo life’s work achievement and his and Sergey vision of the ultimate music reproduction sysytem. Profound musical experience leaves no prisoners and second guesses. What I’ve heard through Master Horn system was one of the best if not the best musical reproduction I’ve had luxury to witness in my 25+ plus years being around high performance high-end audio equipment. 
Combined with two custom versions of Viva Audio Aurora amplifiers per channel Master Horn makes for a closed one brand system, that can offer the end solution for the customer. No tweaks, no chasing the endless mirages. Only direct lasting musical enjoyment bringing the jointly experience of the past combined with the advantages 21st century solutions, craftsmanship and materials. This is not an archaic take on tube and horn technology. Master Horn pushes the limits of both approaches and transcend them with an aural voyage, that can be either feather like subtle or thunder like earth shaking. A system, that I can declare being full range and having my name signed under that statement with all of my credibility. 
Both Amedeo and Sergey wholehearted respect for the high end audio heritage and their impressive knowledge of the music and technology clearly shaped their utmost goals for the musical reproduction. Master Horn convey a special emotional directness pointing straight into the heart of the music. 
This is one of the rare systems where from the first note strike I could instantly forgot about the equipment and just immerse into the music. 


Full tube and Viva Audio based surround sound system with a special version of preamplifier presented the atmosphere of the movies and few concerts recording with such a grand impact, that completely broke down my emotional guards. We’ve heard, how music and sound makes for at least 50% of the cinema experience, yet mainly most of that was in theory. Full blooded Viva surround system is along with majestic two channel stereo experience something so uniquely and positively fresh, that is worthy of quick flight in at Audio Bottega showroom. It brings the immediacy of state of the art sound experience to a new ground. 


How many times I’ve touched the topic of the real music reproduction reference? In my views, there cannot ever be enough articles on this subject matter. The only reference we can judge any ultra high-end audio system upon is a real, live, un-amplified acoustical music. In connecting to that second grounding rule is THE TONE. Nobody speaks elaborately about it. Owning the most sophistacted system on the planet means noting if fails with tone reproduction. What is the real value? 
The true full range high-performance reproduction system must bring the illusion of reality in listening room. There is a certain believability plane, that is has to be reached to speak of upper echelon and ultimate. Master Horn impressively presented the musical experience with so many spot on “re-constructural” anchor points,  that my aural receptors gave in from the very beginning and excepted the music for what it was. Pure, natural and affective. This is something we can closely relate to the real life concert experience. You’ve been emotionally impacted and Master Horn managed to carry this potency in remarkable way. 
Geting deeper into the tone can consequently led to elaborated article of its’s own. Still its more then needed to point towards Master Horn way of reproducing palpable tone experience. I’m quite sensitive regarding the tone and absolutely demanding when it comes to “judging”.  I’ve lucidly had to put my guns and guards downs in a too quick surrender. The series of right design choices make it right with Viva Audio flagship speaker system. Very resonating, intriguing and lingering emotional burst embraced my inner clockings with full speed. Impressive and lasting!


What I’ve experienced with Viva Audio Master Horn changed my perspective regarding the upper echelon of the real high-end audio in a grand way. If I recall back my experience with so called “ultimate” horn speakers like for example highly praised Acapella Sound Arts and Cessaro Horn Acoustics, that so many of you urged me to listen and write about, they don’t come even close to what Master Horn has to offer. It’s mid-fi vs real ultimate impact and expression. These two companies approaches got a little to do of Master Horn character and for that sake with a true full range high-perfomance. Before being asked, Vox Olympian has some qualities being worthy of pursuing. Yet, sadly they only works with “simple” music and they came at the mind boggling price. Compared to Vox Olympian, Viva Audio not only offers a full range, all genre full blown experience, but its also a bargain compared to Definitive Audio flagship speakers. 
Viva Audio Master Horn speaker systems is of different league and on the path of pureness and musical quest for perfection. No false dynamics, alienated pin-pointig and harsh unnatural resolution contemporary nonsense. Master Horn speaks back at the listener in the language of the music and regardless of the musical genre. 
Viva Audio vividly points back to the understanding of the musical message and being affected by it emotionally. Master Horn system was clearly not build only for the sake of horn and tube nostalgia. It ‘s a refined way of preserving the cultural aspect of musical heritage in its best way.
I for sure cannot afford Master Horn system, but can open heartedly respect the endeavour of Viva Audio team and their end result. Sound speaks for itself. Complete Viva Audio Master Horn system comes as an artisanal outtake. They cannot produce this products at large quantities neither they want to. For those connoisseurs wanting the ultimate passionate musical listening experience and exchange of emotions Master Horn should be on the top of the priority list. 
I’ll certainly strive to bring a complete test in review of this system in future.