Finally more info about the upcoming Voss Audio, $56,000.00 UltraClassA/B Technology Mosfet power amplifier…

Technology, (circuit) design elegance, ascetic beauty, industrial design, the transcendent power of a beautiful sound; be it from the likes of an exhaustively well-tuned (pun intended) sports car (Koenigsegg) or a sumptuous piece of well recorded music, these are among the things that define, stimulate and inspire us. We daily seek to uncover hidden ‘Truth’ for inspiration and our ‘tool box’ for precision as we design and build the world’s most natural sounding Amplifiers, Line-stages and Phono-stages using our REVOLUTIONARY UltraClassA/B Technology. We are a team of extreme-quality audio Industry veterans with a fanatical fidelity to a legacy of high performance engineering, craftsmanship, industrial design, robustness and extreme sonic capability.!    
  • Proprietary UltraClassA/B     Ultra Wide Bandwidth – Zero Oscillation Circuit Technology / Topology 
  • ​Chassis of 101 Grade (OFC) Solid Copper Plate & Carbon Fiber for their Incredible Resonance and Shielding Properties 
  • Aerospace Grade Ceramic Impregnated Teflon RGRS Circuit Boards for Superior Dielectric Stability (Linearity)
  • Pure Copper Traces for the Least Coloration and Greatest Transparency (Linearity)                No HASL or Gold Plating
  • Superior .001 Precise Z-Foil Vishay Resistors and Hand Matched 1% Custom Made Capacitors in the Signal Path
  • Cryogenically Treated, 800VA Vacuum Impregnated and Isolated E-CORE Transformer for Superior Audio Performance
  • Extensively Auditioned / Selected UPOCC Signal Path Wire 
  • High Purity, Silver Plated Copper 10 Awg AC / DC Power Wire
  • Superior AudioNote UK Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Pure Silver Signal Pin RCA Jacks for their Superior Transparency … and Much More
  • Over 5 Years of Extensive Testing and Development to Create a Line of One of a Kind Products for Your Ultimate Audio Experience
​Single Chassis Stereo Amplifier
Voltage Gain @ 26db Single Ended
Rated Power 150w/8Ω, 250w/4Ω
Internal Bandwidth DC-2 Meg
Frequency Response DC-1 Meg 
Intermod. Distortion .001%
Damping Factor 150
Slew Rate 300 v/usec.
Input Impedance 25k Ohms
Output Impedance .1 Ohms
THD @ Full Power .15%
Max Output 12 Amps
19W x 20.5D x 8.5H”
Weight 88 LBS