VPI Vanquish Turntable

A great photo sequence of the VPI Industries Vanquish flagship turntable system. The State-of the-Art Vanquish Table is a refined version of a Bespoke/limited model made by VPI Founder Harry Weisfeld, “The Vanquish”. 

Turntable Features

  • ​The chassis is a tripod shape and can mount up to 3 tonearms with aluminum, acrylic, aluminum sandwich resonance cancelling design.​
  • Every part mounted with machined screws into blind tapped holes for a clean and sleek look/design.
  • Removable machined aluminum arm-board.
  •  Beautiful limited-edition ruby anodized components.
  • Start, 33, 45 buttons.
  • Creating not only a solid improvement in musical performance but a visual statement stunning record playing system
  • Removable platter for easier shipping (still heavy!)
  • Newest version of 14″ gimbal 3D Fat-Boy arm with resonance canceling design. The robust gimbal bearing used ABEC 9 bearings made in Japan for ultra-low friction.
  • Tonearm has an adjustable counterweight on a threaded shaft or fast perfectly accurate VTF setting.
  • Fat-Boy VTA design with a finer adjustment more robust machined aluminum and steel knob.
  • Robust and VPI Vanquish stand that can fit multiple components.