Wadax In UK

Lotus Hifi of London, in conjunction with distributors Boyer Audio, bring Wadax to the UK. “The superlative, state of the art range of Atlantis Reference digital equipment from Wadax, is now for the very first time, available through London High End dealer Lotus Hifi. In support and partnership, distribution for this and all future Wadax products will be managed by Boyer Audio.

Brandon Lauer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Wadax, writes:

“Boyer Audio have demonstrated a clear dedication to the best in high end audio, in the selection of curated brands as well as providing excellent customer service. Lotus Hifi continues this excellence with the capacity to create systems personalised for each individual and their musical ambitions. We are extremely excited to embark on this journey together to bring some of the finest products to the UK market as well as show you what is in store for the future of state-of-the-art music playback.”

The full suite of products from the remarkable level 4 Atlantis Reference digital suite are now on permanent demo at Lotus.