WADAX PRE 1 ULTIMATE Vinyl Replay Redefined NEW

Wadax, a world leader in digital signal processing announces the new PRE 1 ULTIMATE remote-controlled digital preamplifier with DIVIN TM phono stage, Zepto TM super clock, and Hermes TM SSD server, $72,670. Hi Fi One is the exclusive North American distributor.
The PRE1 Ultimate accepts inputs from a computer via its USB HD hub, SPDIF, TOSLINK, BNC, stereo line inputs and all phono cartridges. It can be connected to any amplifier through its single-ended or differentially balanced outputs. Additionally, digital outputs are provided to connect with digital-input speakers for a lossless connection.
The proprietary Wadax musIC TM signal processor operates in the digital domain, without loss. Both A/D and D/A converters process under ideal conditions.
Vinyl Replay Redefined
The optional phono stage combines the warmth and delicacy of vinyl playback with perfect channel balance, spectral accuracy, and phase coherence via customized RIAA signal reconstruction ‘maps’ specific to your cartridge.
• Reducing the signal losses inherent in traditional phono preamplifiers
• Avoiding RIAA process errors by applying custom mapping
• Also addresses non-linear cartridge distortions

Native DSD and 24/192 playback

24 bit 192 kHz capable
1 USB cable, no networking elements – plug and play
No Ethernet streaming – total stability
JRemote is the recommended control software for Apple and Android
The PRE1 is the ultimate remote-controlled digital preamplifier. Facilities include user-assignable analog and digital inputs and outputs. The optional Hermes TM SSD Server and DIVIN TM phono stage facilitate easy integration into any system. The playback chain is shorter, more accurate and musically expressive.
Native DSD and 2x DSD are supported through the USB HD hub and can be played 3 ways:
• From any PC with Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8 with JRiver software
• From any Mac with Audirvana
• Wadax Hermes Server via the HD USB input