Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond X flagship turntable

“Walker Audio is pleased to announce the release of the Proscenium Black Diamond X, the next step in the evolution of the flagship turntable that started it all. It’s the culmination of Lloyd and Fred’s work to date and includes upgrades to prior iterations which truly must be heard to be believed. So, where can you hear it? Well, for starters, how about Hong Kong?

We’ll be debuting the PBDX at the Hong Kong High End Audio Show in early August, along with another long-anticipated arrival – the partnering Proscenium Reference Phono Amplifier. We’ve finally released the big brother to our giant-killing Procession Phono Amp, featuring infinitely adjustable true-dual-mono cartridge loading (the first of its kind), with a point-to-point hand-wired all-premium signal path (or paths, as the case may be). The Procession is an amazing phono. But the Proscenium Reference is in a whole new league.” – Lloyd Walker