Waterfall Audio JET STREAM

Waterfall Audio writes: “The new JET STREAM damping technology shows a significant improvement to our historic Acoustic Damping Tube Technology (ADT) used in all our floorstanding glass loudspeakers.”

Jetstream internal development code name « X-Technology » will be incorporated in each new product with the index « XT » reflecting that innovation.

JET STREAM (XT) with its hightech jet engine look controls the driver(s) in a reflective structure such as a glass enclosure.

Based on an aluminium turbine blade structure, integrated at the back of the driver, this exclusive innovation has 5 main functions :

  • It limits the return of the back wave on the cone
  • It enables Mid & High frequencies damping
  • It preserves airflux for perfect bass response
  • It optimizes heat dissipation

JET STREAM (XT) redefines & maximises performance levels of our exclusive collection of floorstanding glass loudspeakers.

XT Series will be available from first quater of 2024