Well Tempered Labs restyling project

“In late 2009, Frank Denson, part owner of Well Tempered Labs, asked me to provide a styling exercise for a new higher end alternative to the existing Amadeus turntable. I have always admired Bill Firebaugh’s original design and very nearly brought one some years ago (I brought a Linn LP12 instead, a mistake in hindsight).

The innovative design seeks to eliminate bearing chatter by removing the bearing.  The base of the tonearm is a golf ball (selected for ultra tight manufacturing tolerances) that sits in a silicone trough suspended by filament.  As the tonearm transverses towards the center of the record the wire twist resulting in precise, gradual antiskating and perfectly following the dish in the record created by the record clamp.  Ingenious.  The platter bearing is also very clever.

The higher end record player was not pursued in the end, but the Amadeus continues to sell and be positively reviewed.” Ben Jarrett