Western Electric 242C tube replica by Elrog NEW

Thomas Mayer just announced a new Elrog tube type, the ER242C, a replica of the Western Electric 242C. This is basically a 211 with metal plate and increased plate dissipation and most importantly it can be used in any 211 amplifier without changes.
The 242 was brought to market by Western Electric as 242A with metal plate and replaced by the 242B that indtroduced a graphite molybdenum and with a maximum plate dissipation increased to 100W.
The photo shows prototype of the ER242C in absence of the characteristic black area without any printing on the glass yet. The final version will get the same blackened area and the printing, similar to the 211 version. 

Orders from within the European Union will be handled directly. Contact information can be found under the Impressum link.

If you are in the US or Canada you can buy Elrog tubes and pre-order the ER242C through George Lenz of tubesUSA.

Two new distributors for ELROG tubes:

For China, Hong Kong and Taiwan contact Emmanuel Lebreton.

Robert Lai of Live Acoustics represents Elrog in Singapore.

All other regions will be served directly. If you are interested to represent the Elrog brand in your area, do contact Thomas in the link above.

Link: here.