WestminsterLab Rei Class A amplifier!

A sneak peek at the upcoming WestminsterLab Rei Class A amplifier! You can see two images; one is the complete case design and the other one is with external body panels taken off. WestminsterLab has done extensive work on the mechanical design of the Rei amplifier. 

All components are mounted directly to the main chassis to reduce the “microphone” effect. The structure and the design of the fins of the heatsinks are asymmetrical, optimised for its thermal performance and also tuned to have aresonance frequency as far away from the audio band. The top and bottom cover are fabricated in automotive grade carbon fibre, chosen for its immense structural strength, shielding as well as damping performance. 

With finite simulation of fluid dynamics, Rei has vents and openings in the chassis which are optimised to aid air flow, the result is a 100watt Class-A amplifier which has a footprint not much bigger than a MacBook Air with a minimalistic modern look. In WestminsterLab, every design details and every line have its own function and meaning, nothing more and nothing less.