Whammerdyne Heavy Industries Lab Fun day… “Pushing the baby Whammer. I have installed some Emission labs solid plate 2A3’s and upped the B+ voltage, yes easy on our designs as they have adjustable regulated power supplies. Then I biased it up to 65 mA so my power out is about 7.5 watts! per channel…”

“I will be cranking it loud tonight on my favorite radio program on our local station KMHD FM 89.1 at 4:00 PM is one of my Friday night favorite programs the Boomer and then at 6:00 PM is another “Cookie Parker” Whammer designs will stomp on any other 2A3 amplifiers on the planet. Oh yes, note a few snaps of my lab design work area this is where Whammer’s are designed and tested. Sorry I can’t tell you whats next but lets say parallel (Hint) mono…..B..’s (A Head Whammer signature project). Code named “Big Ass M–O” BAM-2×4.”