Purist Audio Design explains what are some things to look for in a USB cable when it comes to a high-end audio system… “The USB is an open-ended type of cable. It’s like taking water and pouring it down a hose. You basically shoot stuff down the USB cable, and there’s no bit checking or sum checking or other safeties like there are with HDMI. Is what you send what you get? You have no idea. You’re also dealing in the megahertz range. You’re not dealing in the audio frequency range. Things that affect the signal at high and low frequencies, it’s a whole different game. Things like skin effects and reflections really come into play. RF and EMI reduction plays into the quality of the cable as well.”

“Purist has taken and applied finely-tuned Ferrite beads to our Ultimate USB to reduce noise at the higher frequencies. We’ve looked at the connectors, and opted for something that let the cable do what it’s optimally designed to do. We focused on functionality and what is sonically superior. We focused on good engineering rather than what glitters. We believe you’d rather have a solid product, that performs optimally, rather than a pretty case. That’s why we’ve made you a great USB cable.”