The latest Xavian wooden beauty – Calliope in “marina” finish. Official info: “Calliope was one of the nine mythological Greek muses, the one with the beautiful voice. She was also the mother of the most known musician of the antique world: Orfeo.
Project Calliope lasted a year and half: we started as soon as Orfeo production started. Calliope’s mission is to play music in the best possible way in its compact floorstanding size. We started developing new specific AudioBarletta drivers for the bass and midrange frequencies.
The gorgeous high frequency unit is the same as in Orfeo, using a 29 hand-coated Mueller membrane and all the knowledge we have, for the reproduction of this sensitive music spectrum: a rear labyrinth working chamber, heavy damping of rear radiation, shortcircuiting copper rings for minimal distortion, flat aluminium wire and the most powerful magnetic motor available on the market.

The medium frequency unit has been engineered using a thin and stiff cellulose membrane with integrated polymeric phase plug. The membrane is hand-coated. The suspension is almost flat for minimal interference to the direct radiation.

This very light membrane is driven by an extremely powerful neodymium magnet, equipped with copper short-circuiting rings. Extremely high sensitivity, low distortion and width of response are at the highest possible levels. A true legendary midrange driver, as it should be.
Bass drivers, originally coming from the Orfeo project, are equipped with all the characteristic parameters for an extraordinary component: the most powerful existing magnetic “motor”, light cellulose hand-coated membranes, non-resonant double wave suspension, large voice coil with extreme excursion, flat aluminium wire for the voice coil and stron short-circuiting copper rings for minimal distortion.

The Calliope’s AudioBarletta drivers are connected using one of the most sophisticated crossover networks Xavian has ever engineered: a complex parallel/serie topology including the well known “Fase Zero” topology, Mundorf premium components and the possibility of bi-wiring and also bi-amping.
Calliope’s cabinet is hand-made by our best artisans using massive walnut or top-class maple wood with walnut inserts: a masterpiece of handicraft.

For perfect stability and coupling to the floor Calliope is equipped with stone basements made of Italian travertino or Czech dark grey granite.
Calliope opens new horizons in listening of music in home high-end audio, using a combination of the best available materials with the highest technological solutions. A true value lasting in time.”