Yar Audio high-end audio stand

FEELD is a stand for amplifiers, CD players, turntables and speakers that guarantees a significant increase in sound quality.
Based on YAR proprietary technology, it is crafted from a sandwich of specific materials designed to enhance the quality of the sound produced by the device placed on top of it, cutting down vibrations, and – unique to this kind of accessory – ensuring added stability for the device’s electrical circuit.
The central openings that run the length of the structure enable air to pass through, for optimum cooling of the electronic elements. They also prevent resonance between the parallel surfaces of the support surface and the base.
The base is positioned on the floor by means of four pivot supports, guaranteeing excellent purchase on any kind of surface. The resulting sound is less artificial, less metallic, and less unnatural. You can hear the incredible difference that YAR technology makes.