“The best of all speakers rolled into one. The way we look at it, there’s no such thing as the ideal speaker, just ideal sound; pure and captivating. With this in mind we came up with a new speaker concept: Y-der. A strikingly stylish design that, remarkably, takes a low profile when in use. Y-der is clearly not a bookshelf speaker. But despite being more than 160 cm tall, it isn’t a floor-standing speaker either.”

Thanks to its proprietary technology, it leverages the best of both models. It blends into the background when playing, like a bookshelf speaker, and delivers the big, credible bass sounds of a well-designed floor-standing speaker.
But it also eliminates flaws such as the limited bass extension of bookshelf speakers, and the unnatural, overly directional audio of floor-standers which creates a slow, confused sound that does not work well in the room.
Interference and resonance are a thing of the past.
A host of fine-tuned details make Y-der by YAR unique. The central element is suspended on a rod fixed to two lateral structures made from composite material calibrated for rigidity.
These structures are connected to the high strength aluminium alloy base, guaranteeing excellent purchase on any kind of surface. The shape and composition of the base – which houses the crossover ensuring no loss of performance due to internal vibrations – are specially designed to eliminate floor bounce.
Pure emotions. When form follows audio.
The unique, bold design of Y-der by YAR is not, as you might expect, the result of giving our designers free rein. On the contrary, it’s an example of how form equals function. To start, the fact that the cabinet has no parallel surfaces eliminates any internal resonance.
Then, because the transducers are positioned symmetrically with respect to the horizontal axis, resulting in sound radiation centres similar to that of a coaxial speaker.

This means that the low frequencies are managed through an innovative double bass-reflex system while the medium-low, medium and high frequencies are managed through dipole radiation.
The result is an amazingly natural three-dimensional sound. The speakers “disappear” and all the listener experiences is pure sound.