Zavfino 1877PHONO ZV5 Revolution Series turntable

Few photos of Zavfino 1877PHONO turntables at the TAVES show. ZV5 Revolution Series turntable, The Knight version as seen on the photo above is coming in for the review…
Few highlights
  • 35mm CNC diamond cutbillet aluminum platter at 5.4kgs
  • Stainless steal bearing housing with cold fit copper wall insert. Delrin thrust plate and ceramic ball bearing. 
  • Plinth is solid 50mm MDF CNC machine cut in one cycle. 
  • Colours-mat black, piano white, OldSkool custom
  • Aluminum motor housing AC motor with external speed control
  • Aeshna Series arm in Black, Satin Silver, Carbon Black, Carbon Silver–tonearms-