A Very Special Sound System

Parmenter Sound writes: “I have tailor made a very special audio system this week with the aim to create a sound system that is not about showing off how loud it can play but the complete opposite design – on how much tonal finesse & emotional engagement it can create at very low volume levels in my room.” 
“First place to start is the loudspeaker – I selected the Cube Audio Nenuphar loudspeaker, a single driver loudspeaker based on Cube Audio F10 Neo drivers.
Why.. to have nothing between the loudspeaker driver and my single ended triode AirTight ATM-300R amplifier to allow maximum tonal colours to shine through in the music from the Takatsuki 300B output tubes & utilising the best Tamura Transformers. The king of low-power amplification an awesome display of the power of the first watt!
Next the preamplifier – I selected the Audio-antiquary – Art of Tube Sound Wood C3M vacuum tube line stage preamplifier. The design of the Wood preamplifier is very special featuring only one stage, triode, no negative feedback, double c-core based, Hi-B silicone steel transformer pre-amp. The vacuum tube is a beautiful German Post C3m with only 6db of gain & using a custom designed Khozmo precision attenuator for delicate volume increment adjustment. 
  • Source – Turntable my reference SME 30/12 with the SME V-12 tone arm and AirTight PC-1 Supreme cartridge.
  • Phono stage is the Pass Labs XP27, my favourite phono stage not counting the Pass Labs Xs.
  • Source – Digital the Meitner MA-1 V2 DAC matched with the Aqua La Diva CD transport.
  • Cables – Black Cat Tron AES balanced digital cable.
  • Black Cat Graceline Level 2 speaker cables / or my Parmenter speaker cable.
  • Black Cat Graceline Level 2 Interconnects / or my Parmenter Interconnect cable.