Aries Cerat at the Munich High-End Audio Show 2019

Stavros Danos writes: “Aries Cerat invites you to hear our exciting demonstration system at Munich High End on the 9th – 12th May in Hall 1 DO5. Along with our partners Rui Borges, Pink Faun, Stacore and Signal, it promises to deliver a truly incredible musical experience.”


We can announce the world premier of the ultimate amplifier design, the  six-chassis Aries Cerat Achilleas SET. It will be driving our Symphonia horn speakers, and paired with our new bass horn – the Erevus model S. We are confident the Achilleas has set a new level of performance in SET amplification. And for pre-amplifier duties our Impera Reference,showcasing our Inverted Triode technology.

Digital source

For music streaming we have the Pink Faun 2.16x server which is equipped with the latest OCXO clock technology. No less than 3 ultra-low noise OCXOs work in tandem in the 2.16x, a unique system that represents the best in the musical field. This will be connected to our Kassandra Series two chassis Signature DAC.

Analogue source

Rui Borges will be demonstrating their latest turntable, the  Pendulum 2. Also,another world premier,we are debuting ,  the Aries Cerat Talos Signature phono system. This exciting new development in SOTA phono pre-amplification will be paired with the Top Wing Red Sparrow cartridge.

The system will utilise the ultimate isolation platforms from Stacore. These superb pneumatic platforms will be on display along with their new and innovative racking system.
The system would not be complete without top class signal transmission and power distribution devices. Enter Signal Projects, who will be providing power and signal cables from their current lineup.
Finally greeting you in the entrance lobby will be our new digital creation, along with the Genus Integrated SET with headphones. We hope to see you there!