We all like and love the high-end audio accessories to the different degree. As most of you already know, yours truly is always excited when somebody is digging deeper into the subject matter than usual, and the Arya Audio RevOpod Dampers are among the devices, that have instantly triggered my inner sensors. I’ve just received three sets for the evaluation straight from Arya headquarters… “All structural parts of the RevOpod damper are precision CNC machined from highest quality stainless steel while the contact element to the floor is made out of Delrin®. For perfect levelling RevOpod features a unique height controlling mechanism that offers a precise adjustment in 50µm steps. By rotating the outer ring, an inner element starts to move up or down translating the rotary motion of the ring into linear movement of the inner cylinder.” 

RevOpod Specifications

Weight: around 150g per damper (600g per set of 4)
Diameter: 40mm • Min height: 31.5mm • Max height: 36.5mm
Height adjustability: 5mm (in 50µm steps)
Weight limit: standard 40kg per set of 4, heavy version 120kg per set of 4 Included: 4 RevOpod dampers, thread adapters for M6, M8 and ¼-20, 4 silicone rings for mounting
Versions: chrome, gold, black chrome, black chrome (24k gold)
As a cherry on top, Arthur send the Arya Audio Kappa Series cables… Stay tuned!