The original LessLoss Blackbody has created quite a stir and around 1000 of units were sold all over the world. I’ve just looked at the archives and it has been more than six year since I’ve published the review. Now, Louis Motek is bringing the revived and improved new Blackbody. This will surely be interesting…

Re-visited Blackbody highlights
— Easier to use
— More versatile
— Smaller
— Has a larger effective angle of effectiveness
— Less in weight
— Less in cost
It will provide a highly effective means of lowering the ambient background radiation around your system and to increase audible ‘focus’ of the sound. Much more beauty of musical intent becomes evident and, as such, works to create conditions much as they were in the past before such dramatic local EM pollution began.
“We will provide more information about this project as we develop the product. This ambient noise field is the most abstract and least understood aspect in all of audiophile culture, but perhaps the most influential in terms of pure musical enjoyment, second only to the persisting mysteries surrounding cable burn-in and directionality effects when dealing with alternating current.”