Audio Alto Reference Anniversary 10 tube preamplifier!

As requested here are few of the additional Audio Alto Reference Anniversary 10 tube preamplifier photos. As you can see from the photos, Saša Burian has personally delivered his latest masterpiece. Among other things, the Anniversary 10 preamp is special as it was designed and built up from scratch by one man and one mind. Saša is an electronic wizard, with impressive skills and the decades of experiences.  Rarely a single person can design and execute all the needed (including programming), but here you have it! Reference Anniversary 10 is the 21st-century tube preamplifier done beyond of just right.

This is one of those products, that embraces the forgotten art of taking the time to plan, design and construct everything properly.  And the end result? A pleasure for both the mind and senses…

Stay tuned for more soon….