Auris Audio new products

Auris Audio writes: “Auris Audio is inviting you to visit our Booth C19, Hall1 on 9th of May, first day of High End Munich show. You’ll have chance to listen and enjoy in the world Premiere of our newest reinforcements – Fortino88 and Euterpe.” 

“In the previous period Auris R&D team has been researching and innovating new technologies in order to enchant the high-end audio world. With a strong emphasis on delivering high-end audio to the masses Auris Audio provides a range of proprietary products with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

Launching new products in Munich became tradition therefore this year we are preparing one more surprise to all audiophiles. With three full sized desktop headphone amplifiers in our collection, we decided not to stop and revealed newest reinforcement – Euterpe.
“Small box, big sound and ability to drive any headphones easily!”
Euterpe – headphone amplifier
“According to the Greek Mythology, Euterpe was one of the nine Muses, the Goddess of music and a “giver of delight” and that’s exactly what Auris Audio Euterpe will bring to the audiophile community, more happiness.
Designed in a single ended configuration, integrated audiophile asynchronous DAC xMos/ ESS Sabre, it allows you to use digital sources such as PC or mobile devices.
Intregrated in a piece of art chassis (thanks to Valentin from Kennerton), Euterpe gives you everything you’ve always dreamed of.”
FORTINO 88 – integrated amplifier
Auris is constantly striving for perfection of its products nad “listens”carefully to audiophiles’ demands, wishes and dreams with idea to transform them into something that will “blow your mind” and indulge the ears of the most demanding sound lovers.
Per request of our dear partner and South Korean distributor, Mr.Park Geunsin ( Sp-Motors ), Auris have designed Fortino88, older brother of the Fortino6550.
“If you make great products, words travel quickly!”
Years of development are marked with a number of successful partnerships with distributors and dealers in three continents – Asia, America and Europe. Auris always strives for these partnerships to become friendships with a common goal to enable as many sound enthusiasts to reach the Auris devices easier and share the pleasure of top-notch listening. That’s why the number of our distributors constantly grows.
Auris is present at all major audio shows around the world and our settings are very noticed and performances greatly appreciated. For more than 5 years, the biggest sound experts published 17 exceptionally positive reviews about our devices.
Auris Audio brand makes a powerful impression in the world of audiophiles and renowned experts. Everyone who had the opportunity to hear the sound through Auris equipment did not remain indifferent. In the years ahead we expect to reach even more audiophiles and take the deserved place of top audio brand, due to continuous investment in the quality and design of our devices.”
“Visit us at HALL1, BOOTH C19 and enjoy the music”