Cayin Pearl 30i Tube Amplifier

Cayin writes: “Pearl 30i, the 30th Anniversary Tube Amplifier, is an integrated amplifier in two chassis with separate amplifier and power supply units. Four power transformers are combined in the power supply unit, two for the left and two for the right channel. Each channel has its high-voltage power supply and low-voltage power supply units.

All tube Integrated with CV4004/12AX7 voltage amplification stage, 6SN7 driver stage, and KT170 output tubes.

Pearl 30i is designed on basis of Tungsol KT170 Power Tubes. It outputs 230 watts of Power in Ultralinear Mode or 145 watts power in Triode Mode per channel. Designed in Class AB Push-Pull Pearl 30i takes four pieces of powerful KT170 tube per channel.
Pearl 30i offers two operation modes: Triode and Ultralinear.

In Pearl 30i we also offered choices of two timbres: Dynamic and Soft, which has been realized by adjusting the operation current of the KT170 Power Tubes.

Pearl 30i takes Auto-Bias Design for the KT170 Power Tubes. With auto bias design if you changed the Power Tubes you do not need to adjust the bias manually. Bias can be adjusted automatically and precisely so that all tubes can be matched which can raise the reliability of the Power Tubes and provide an extended lifetime of the Power Tubes.