DS Audio DS Master1 optical cartridge flagship NEW

The flagship of the DS Audio product lines, the new DS Master1 optical cartridge features the improved optical-mechanical design, wire-suspension, Sapphire cantilever and the micro-ridge stylus. The Master1 preamp/equalizer has the fully independent dual-mono discrete circuits with the single-ended RCA and balanced XLR outputs, as well as three low frequency cutoff points. The DS Master1 system will be marketed starting from May 1st, 2016. 

Newly designed “Advanced Optical-mechanical” system
The “advanced optical-mechanical” design enables us to position our newly designed micro-optic sensor unit closer to the stylus, resulting in a much shorter optical path length. Together with its wire-suspended cantilever, the DS Master1 provides the listener the superb channel separation and sound quality.
Micro-ridge stylus mounted to a sapphire cantilever
The Micro-ridge stylus has the minimum-curvature radius and is mounted to the sapphire cantilever. This super low mass generator, which eschews magnets and coils and is free of ultra-sonic ringing, lets the Master1 reproduce every bit of musical information with stunning nuance and brilliant detail for flagship-level performance. 
Advanced Material Science
During the development phase of the DS Master1, no detail was overlooked. In the past two years, every aspect of the design and parts were re-evaluated to ensure the highest rigidity possible in the cartridge. From its Ultra duralumin body to its amethyst power indicator window, we have carefully selected each component to ensure that we have a built a phono cartridge of the highest rigidity and quality.
Fully discrete dual-mono circuitry with three dedicated power supplies
The DS Master1’s matching preamp/equalizer features expertly designed, fully independent dual-mono analog circuits. To achieve flagship-level performance, each channel has its own dedicated power supply to deliver more than ample power with the third power supply dedicated to the cartridge LED drive system of the DS Master1 phono cartridge.
Your choice of outputs and low frequency response
The DS Master1 preamp/equalizer features three sets of RCA and XLR outputs and three separate low frequency cut-off points. Output 1 is  single cut-off with 6db/oct at 30Hz. Output 2 is double cut-off with 6db/octave at 50.5Hz and 6db/octave at 30Hz. Output 3 is  triple cut-off with 6db/octave 50.5Hz, 6db/octave at 30Hz, and 12db/octave at 25Hz. Each low frequency contour is accessed by its own dedicated single-ended RCA or balanced XLR output for a total of six sets of dual-mono outputs.
Massive 24 kilogram / 53 pound unit weight
Its robust weight is the result of sophisticated casework, the twelve 120K μf electrolytic capacitors and three transformers used in the DS Master1 preamp/equalizer. To achieve the lowest possible impedance, pure copper bus-bars provide connection between the bank of capacitors.

Additional  Note

Please note that all of DS Audio cartridges are fully compatible with any DS Audio EQ units. Therefore, we ensure that your choice of the cartridge will work with any EQ unit you choose.