Importance of tempi in high-end audio reproduction

I’m in my so called deeper state of writing and this excerpt of the upcoming review seems to hold its own solitude standing….
“Similar to Wagner, Stravinsky put the utmost importance to the tempo. He said “a piece of mine can survive almost anything but wrong or uncertain tempo.” There is clear connection and analogy with the high-end audio reproduction. Some of the components can drastically alter it with introducing their own agenda and I attest the same fascination and commitment to this particular agenda. 

Proper tempi is not only crucial to the classical composition and live performances, but within any high-end audio system. 

The smallest nuances, being constructional parts of the tempi can either work for or against reproduction of music. We’re as a human beings always subordinate to the tempi in many ways. Our perception of it can surely be subjected to the certain emotional state, level of stress and unrepeated, critical observations simply fails to convey objective results and our critical understanding of it.  

Determination of single, continuing and enduringly tempo must be presented correctly by any product or system wanting to carry the high-end audio labeling.”

Matej Isak