Egglestonworks Viginti Speakers

Egglestonworks Viginti Speakers at 21SOUND shop in Korea. Viginti–Latin for “Twenty”– is the culmination of EgglestonWorks’ 20 years of audio excellence and defines the State-of-the-Art in speaker design. Featuring a bass enclosure incorporating dual 10” carbon woofers and a unique slot porting system, there is no lack of authoritative, effortless and pitch-perfect bass. Our proven 6” carbon-dome midrange drivers endow

Viginti with the unsurpassed mid-range clarity for which Andra is renowned. A cutting-edge Beryillium tweeter delivers extended and detailed trebles with the fatigue-free musicality which is the hallmark of EgglestonWorks designs.”


  • Tweeter: 1” Beryllium dome
  • Midrange: 2 – 6” carbon cone dome
  • Bass: 2 – 10” carbon cone subwoofersEfficiency is 87dB
  • Impedance is 6 Ohms,3.9 Ohm minimum at 29Hz
  • Usable output extends from 20Hz to 40kHz
  • Footprint: 14” x 23” x 50” H
    Weight: 255lbs.