Esoteric SXT-03 Custom Crystal Oscillator

Esoteric writes: “Crystal clocks generally have a natural timbre, low phase noise and excellent stability when combined with advanced temperature control systems. In addition, as the clock signal is generated by oscillation, there is a strong correlation between the physical properties of the material and the final sound quality achieved.

Larger crystals have greater self-oscillation and a greater oscillation margin, even with greater resistance in the circuit, making the oscillation more stable. The G-05 is equipped with the Esoteric SXT-03, a large custom crystal oscillator with ideal electro physical properties.

The raw crystal material is slowly grown over a long period of time and then SC-cut (Stress Compensated Cut) with excellent temperature characteristics. We also scrutinize the manufacturing process down to the smallest detail, carefully selecting and using crystals whose center frequency fluctuations are strictly within specifications.”