First and only recording (made in Germany) on DGG private recording 629.906 (KN -002L) original 12inch mono label. Recorded in 1966 during the annual Eppstein Advendskonzert series in the Chappel of the Eppstein Hospital under the direction of Dr.J. Schmidt-Voigt. Recorded with his equipment, a Stellavox tape recorder, and pressed by Pallas. 

Only 500 copies were made for visitors and friends of the festival. A commercial pressing did not take place. Program: G.F.Handel: Trio-Sonata VII , G minor, and B.Marcello: Cello Sonata F, major. Artists: Johanna Marty, Enrico Mainardi, Jorgen Schmit-Voigt, and Ludwig Kaufmann. – Saulo Zucchello