FM Acoustic FM 268C and FM 1811

FM Acoustics’ pride came to my door recently, trying to knock on every competition out there. Oh yes, they roared through the door and impacted my system. In the FMA’s pride, we have the FM 268C pre amp with an analogue room correction system built in and the FM 1811 stereo amp. Absolute Sound’s head honcho, Ben Chia came to installed these components and explained the importance of room correction and linearization of the audio signal through the FM 268C. It took quite some time to explain and installed them.
They sounded transparent, detail and lightning fast in all its musical deliveries. The FM Acoustics deliver a sound that is, in short, truer to the source. I believe it is the ability of its transparency that allow such retrieval of informations. To be frank, I am still dazed with the experience. It is mighty kind of Absolute Sound to loan me the FM 268C and the FM 223 phono stage (not yet install here) for some time to write about here…enjoy

Dato’ Danon Han