Francesco’s Hiraga Class A

My best-friend Francesco is such an humble kind of guy: he’s not able to do everything, but what he can do, he does perfectly.
He’s an architect, a musician, an electronic technician and my choice for attending to my several Hiraga Le Classe A and Le Solstice and my Gerrard 301 and Lentos’.
He built many pieces of his audio system: the speakers, the 301’s plinth, his J-Fet preamp and battery phono-stage and, recently, he added 2 Farads… YES! TWO FARADS caps to his own 20W Class A Hiraga’s.
This makes an impressive 2,5 Farads total… serious stuff!
The job is nicely executed and the sound… well…

It’s very smooth and effortless, dynamic and natural… reminding my own Le Classe A 30W, maybe even better.

A nice achievement, indeed.
Stefano Bertoncello