Tube of the Month – The 6DE4

For this months tube presentation Thomas Mayer reveals another TV damper variant. These are Thomas’ favorite tubes for power supply rectification. TV dampers are still largely overlooked and Thomas’ feels that they deserve more attention. 6DE4.
TV dampers are by default very rugged, can handle high peak inverse voltages, comes with high current capabilities and generate next to no noise. On top of that they are cheap and available in abundance.

TV dampers were designed for implementation within television sets in vast varieties to cover specific needs. While 6AX4 is good enough for most audio applications, if higher current is needed 6AU4, 6CJ3, 6CG3 and others comes handy. The higher current capability comes at the cost of higher heater power. When something in between the 6AX4 and the 6AU4 is needed, the 6DE4 fits perfectly.

Link: here.