Full loud sound at safe loudness level?

Something that might concern us all? Eternal Midnight patented new Mas´nlive© psychoacoustic management service was designed to optimize sound equipment in clubs, theatre’s, concert halls, etc…
Mas´nlive© is a processor that is inserted into the existing audio chain on location, so there is no need for any changes at the location where it is installed, every club is already prepared for this innovative and unique service. No amount of work is required because our management service in psychoacoustics, does not depend on the physics of sound wave but how this is perceived by humans. The development has taken decades to develop psychoacoustics (MP3, audio in movies, satellite transmission), and we rely on how the brain performs frequency offsets or how the brain perceives the sense of volume to perform complex real-time processes through of a processor installed in the club / local.
After extensive testing and research, using technology and the most advanced techniques in sound engineering, we have developed a unique service designed primarily to solve inadequacies of sound derived from acoustic problems present in many musical venues. .
Nowadays there are plenty of clubs / venuesthat must operate with insufficient sound levels for optimum performance for its business requirements this also shows the need for the removal of undesirable frequencies that can be transmitted to spaces adjacent, leaving the sound quality severely impaired.
This is due to the inability to meet municipal regulations acoustic emissions, while maintaining an optimal level of sound levels and quality of the music, either because of poor soundproofing or inability to perform properly, either by impaired physical requirements or by the excessive costs of their implementation.
Mas´nlive© can solve these inconveniences immediately.

Mas´nlive© is a unique and patented product that is not sold except by direct order by EternalMidnight or our dealers.

Mas´nlive© not only is designed to address shortcomings resulting sound of acoustic problems, and is suitable to enhance the presence and loudness of sound equipment at festivals or achieve drums incredible for special events.
Technical Specifications- System E:VO 01
Dimensions: 2-3U 19” standard Rackmounth (depending of the site needs)
Max analog I/O: +27dBU
Frequency response: 10Hz-24kHz/ -0,05 dB
THD+noise (output): ≤ 0, 003 % @ 1kHz, -1dBFS
Analog input/output: XLR, Jack
DSP/internal process: doublé sampling 192kHz-48-bit
Working over customized outgear-AD/DA state-of-art elements
Digital I/O AES/EBU (24bits, dithering 16/20bits)
Latency (seconds): 0,0037
Main Power supply: 100-110VAC, 220-240VAC