Heretic Model A.

Heretic Loudspeakers Model A is the culmination of the composite horn design. “It is as complicated to design, build, cut and assemble as a piano. It relies entirely on acoustic matching with your room, extending the horn’s shape. The sound is both direct and delicate, but also incredibly focussed and deep. The sensitivity is such than any amplifier with a couple of watts will feel like a monster amplifier.” 

The alternatives are few and costly, yet the Heretic Model A is both expensive and incredibly cheap for what it does.

Heretic Model A in production

Exclusive coaxial, high sensitivity 12 in. transducer, full horn load from 100 to over 20 kHz, at 100 dB sensitivity and slot loaded down to low 30s, all at 100 dB.
Bracing is used to solidify a structure. In loudspeakers, we think we should use as least as possible. A braced panel has altered resonance characteristics, its natural frequency will raise, and sometimes double depending on the brace location. 
A square box design like Heretics has 6 panels and each of them has specific resonance pattern. We use bracing in key areas only, because we believe less is more, because we want energy to dissipate as fast as possible and control it in the most tuneful way, through birch multiply.
The result is an unmistakingly rich and musical sound, triggered only by natural tone harmonics. It will change the way to listen to music.”