Horch House PROJECT R2R consumer tape machine NEW!!!

Could this be the most surprising development in hi-fi since Neil Young’s Pono Player? Except with one small difference: we’re talking analogue. Very analogue.
“you just can’t top analogue”
As audiophiles and music lovers around the world continue to debate whether hi-res digital actually makes any real difference, one thing remains clear: the analogue resurgence keeps going from strength to strength. Vinyl sales have been growing faster than any other format as the mass market rediscovers what audiophiles never forgot: you just can’t top analogue sound quality.
Audiophiles, meanwhile, are going one better, knowing (as they do) that when it comes to analogue, tape sounds even better than vinyl. Period. No debate. Obviously we’re not talking about the cassette tapes of the eighties Walkman era, nor of those old 8-track bricks from the days of flares and swirly carpets!
The real audio grail is, of course, reel-to-reel tape.
“there is no company in the world that manufactures reel-to-reel decks…”
In 2013, The Absolute Sound shocked readers by concluding that a reel-to-reel deck absolutely crushed the highest-rated turntable-based system ever reviewed by the magazine. At this point in time, there is no company in the world that manufactures reel-to-reel decks, whether consumer or studio machines. Meanwhile, the resale market of vintage machines is booming. Why? Quite simply because the sound quality is as good as it gets.
…or is there??
Okay, enough suspense. Here’s the deal: we’re doing it. The team here at Horch House is very excited indeed to announce the initiation of “PROJECT R2R”: the development of a brand new consumer reel-to-reel machine!
As with all Horch House projects, we will be working very closely with some of the world’s foremost experts in order to create the most accomplished product possible.
Bookmark this page to follow the development of PROJECT R2R over the coming months – we’ll be posting regular updates.

Project Leader:  Volker Lange

Mechanical Development:  Philipp Puxbaum
Head of Production:  Stefan Fahnenstich
Product Design:   Manfred Mainzer
Electronic Control Development:  Pali Banas