Not so little headphone heaven

Back in 2000 I’ve spent, again as titled, no so little fortune in exploring the headphone heaven via abundance of headphones and dedicated amplifiers gear lust. Was literally burned out on headphones and associated pharpenalia and took quite an absence from such listenings. I was not completely off the radar, but deliberately avoiding to much entanglement with only few demo/review gear listenings here and there.
Fast forwarding to past two/three years and I’m back on the track. Not in fanatical loop, still, I’m finding again a lots of fun time.
I’ve had almost all that meant something in the past, from complete series of Sennheisers, AKGs, Beyerdynamics, Stax etc. 
With Audeze LE-8 open version of headphones combined first with Cembalo Labs Spring 1 and now especially with Violectric HPA V281/V220 restored my little intimate headphone heaven. Fronted via Roon, connected to Tidal and my musical library this sports a real plug and play instant enjoyment. This particular combination steps up in a grand way with involvement factor and musical potency. 
Only 🙁 thing, a true sort of frustration is a lack of listening time. There is so much much to explore, understand and enjoy deeply. In 21st century we’re all still dealing with only 24hours day interval :). This is why my sleeping time is on the low scale for almost past two decades. To fully immerse into endless musical universe “sacrifices” are needed. Somehow it my related to musician putting their painstaking, but needed and loving focus in utmost pinpoint sourcing. I’ve find myself fully enthusiastically loaded with this impact and thats the thing to keep my sanity of proper scaling and keeping my go forward mojo :).
More to come, as always…