INDIGO Super-Reference Silverwave interconnect cables NEW

Yugawara, Kanagawa, JAPAN – November 23, 2016 – It seems that there is much more to hear, according to Black Cat Cable’s resident artisan, Chris Sommovigo. After nearly a decade of experimenting with a concept that he had codenamed “Superleggera” – due to it’s extraordinary lightness – it seems he’s ready to release the first fruits of his unreasonably long development cycle: INDIGO “Silverwave” .
“This project runs counter to just about everything folks seem to think when it comes to what makes audiophile cable better, given that they are accustomed to big and heavy cables – as if sheer quantity or heft or girth somehow equates to increases in performance,” shared Chris. “That way is – and always has been – a recipe for madness.” 
“With Indigo the development cycle was very long, labor of love, and it always seemed that I was near breaking through – but never quite there. With the recent development of the Silverwave conductor, and the last iteration of it – all the veils just dropped, and there was everything just hanging right there in the space between and around my speakers. Pure, effortless coherence.”

At ¥800,000 per 1.0m pair (+ ¥250,000 per 1/2mpr), Mr. Sommovigo knows that these won’t be flying off the shelves – and that’s just as well, as far as he’s concerned.

“The final version of the Silverwave conductor is very difficult to make, as I’ve got to process it in-house using strange tools that I’ve adapted for the purpose. Making pair of these interconnects takes a tremendous amount of time, skill, and patience. But once you hear the result … you can’t un-hear it.”
The INDIGO Silverwave interconnect uses RCA connectors that were designed by Mr. Sommovigo especially for the INDIGO project, developed under his sub-brand, XOX, and not available on any other cable that he makes.
Mr. Sommovigo has created a web-site just for Indigo, which can be found at, where he suggests that interested individuals reserve their Indigo cables in advance.
As with his Black Cat Cable products, Mr. Sommovigo personally builds these cables – starting only with raw-materials – in his seaside workshop in Yugawara, Kanagawa, Japan. 
He has many leather-bound books and his workshop smells of rich mahogany.