Lambert Control preamplifier

This diminutive Pre-amplifier, features a dual triode for amplification. The Russian built Vacuum Tube utilized is hand selected, and all components used are of the highest quality. The gain control is Alps, and the inputs are relay switched from the front panel. There are three RCA inputs on the rear, plus a fourth position of the switch selects a BlueTooth receiver, capable of better than CD quality reproduction, giving “Control” a great deal of flexibility. When any of the three RCA inputs are selected, the BlueTooth feature is completely switched out of the system, and is not active, making “Control” a pure analog device.
Power is supplied to the pre-amplifier, by a supplied 19 volt low noise wall plug power unit. Internally, “Control” further filters, and regulates this voltage, to provide a noise free, stable supply for relaxed listening.
Low capacitance interconnect cables, our own “Little Links”, are part of the package, so your audio quality is assured.
“Control” is a perfect match for our Amplifier range, “The Force”, and “The Full Force”, acoustically and physically, as part of the “Small Wonder” series.