TARA Labs The Evolution Series audio cables NEW

The Evolution Series from TARA Labs is truly beyond belief. It is quite simply the new watershed in the art and science of audio cable design. The Evolution Series is in a class of its own, beyond all other audio cable products in the history of the audio industry worldwide.
There are 3 distinct levels of audio cables in the Evolution Series, starting with the AIR Evolution Interconnects and Speaker Cables. The AIR Evolution Interconnect uses the multi-lumen air-tube concept invented by TARA Labs as used in the AIR Series Interconnects originally developed in 1986. However, the Evolution Interconnect is remarkably flexible.

The next level in the Evolution Series is the all-new ZERO Evolution Interconnect and OMEGA Evolution Speaker Cable. The ZERO Evolution Interconnect replaces the ZERO Gold Interconnect, and the OMEGA Evolution Speaker Cable replaces the OMEGA Gold Speaker Cable. The performance difference between the Gold Series and the Evolution Series is dramatic. 
To give a simple example, the new Evolution Interconnect boasts a remarkably low capacitance figure of just 2 pF per foot. This means that the new ZERO Evolution Interconnect has a much more extended high frequency bandwidth than any other high-end cable manufacturer in the world. 
Of course, the ZERO Evolution Interconnect uses the same displaced and Floating Shield design together with a HFX Ground system to provide greater absorption of RF/EMI and a vanishingly low background noise.
Finally, we are proud to introduce the Grandmaster Evolution Interconnect and Speaker Cable. The Grandmaster Evolution Interconnect has a greater displacement between the shield and the conductors within the cable. This reduces the shield to conductor capacitance from any RF/EMI noise in the shield for a truly silent, black noise floor.
The Grandmaster Evolution Speaker Cable is a very large loudspeaker cable design; the result of nearly 30 years of audio cable design and understanding. Each positive and negative run, comprises 8 conductor groups helixed around Teflon air-tubes™ for a total of 288 conductors per channel with exquisite high frequency detail and powerful bass frequency impact. Imagine a cable that is 000 AWG, or 85 square millimeters per channel, easily able to transfer high voltage and current for effective and powerful bass frequencies, but with the ability to transfer delicate and extended high-frequency information.
*TARA Labs has won more professional reviewer awards in the last thirty years, than any other cable manufacture in the world. Designed, manufactured, and hand-crafted to the strictest standards in the USA.