This year LINNENBERG-AUDIO will take the opportunity and feature the “DC performance pack” edition models of MAESTRO and VIVACE. All are invited to take a look and test first hand both models at our booth at the HIGH END Munich, hall 3, stand G06.
MAESTRO features a full set of balanced and unbalanced in. – and outputs giving it the full functionality of line stage preamp. The two selectable inputs will be adequate for a small high end rig using a DAC and a phono preamp. On the other hand, MAESTRO is not just another preamplifier; it is a high current, high performance headphones amplifier as well. Here, the fully balanced circuit technology enables the user to employ a fully balanced (4 pin) headphone drive. Those, bound to the typical TRS jack may use the right hand connector (on the front panel) instead. The © Apple remote control used for operating Mac – computer controls the volume of the MAESTRO providing a convenient operation, thus complementing the total package.
MAESTRO as well as all of our gear uses a compact and technically very sophisticated layout. No cabling is used inside the gear. The pay for all this hard work are engineering figures right to the limit of what is feasible and an excellent sound quality.

Here are some specifications:

Frequency response: DC – 270kHz  -3dB   (HF – blocking filter)
Distortion and noise: <0 -="" .001="" 10hz="" 20khz="" i="">
Channel balance: 0.03dB
Channel separation: 130dB @ 100Hz, 110dB @ 1kHz, 90dB @ 10kHz
Gain: +10dB
Input impedance: 47kΩ per phase
Dynamic range: 130dB
Output power: 5W continuous, 32Ω, both channels driven, 2A peak current capability
Output level: 16Vrms max. balanced, 8Vrms unbalanced
Output impedance on headphones output: 0.4Ω per phase
Output impedance on line output: 22Ω per phase
Power consumption: 15W, < 0.5W turned off
Dimensions (H x W x D): 51 x 165 x 226 mm