Pangea Audio Three Premium Power Cables NEW

Pangea Audio, delivering unprecedented value to the premium audiophile accessory marketplace, has announced the introduction of three power cables designed to bring out the highest levels of performance from audio and home theater components. The Pangea AC-9 MkII, AC-9SE MkII and the AC-14SE are available now in a variety of lengths from Audio Advisor.
AC-14SE MkII: The ultimate AC power cable for source components
Pangea Audio’s AC-14SE MkII is an ultimate performance AC power cable for source components. It uses three conductor groups within the 14-gauge architecture. Designer Jay Victor has employed a combination of solid and Litz conductors along with a heavy gauge center conductor made of solid Cardas Grade One Copper. Surrounding the center conductor are six cores consisting of one medium-gauge solid OFC copper conductor, which in turn is surrounded by six individually insulated Litz conductors. Termination includes a heavy duty IEC connector at the component end. The result of this patented design is a power cable that is ultra-low noise and durable, bringing out the best in all low current audiophile devices. MSRP $49
AC-9 MkII: Heavy gauge power cable specifically designed for high-current audio components
The Pangea AC-9 high current power cable has been one of our best sellers for years, and now this customer favorite gets a nice performance boost in the form of the AC-9 MkII. Designer Jay Victor has added premium Cardas Grade One Copper to this 7-gauge cable, making it ideal for hi-fi and home theater amplifiers, powered subwoofers, and other high current AV components. Performance advantages are particularly noticeable in the bass region, where the AC-9 MkII outperforms every cable we’re heard under $200, and most cables under $500. Termination includes a DeathGrip IEC connector at the component end. MSRP $99
AC-9SE MkII: Upgrades to our flagship high-current AC power cable
The AC-9SE MkII is Pangea Audio’s most technologically advanced flagship power cable. The Signature Edition AC-9SE MkII features a combination of Cardas Grade One Copper conductors, OFC copper conductors, polymer-coated Litz wire conductors and a more advanced silver-plated copper braided shield that when combined, provide a substantial upgrade compared to the already excellent AC-9 MkII. Furthermore, the AC9-SE MkII contains several times more Cardas Grade One Copper than is used in the AC-9 MkII, delivering significant sonic benefits. The new Signature Edition cable also features solid blade 24K gold plated copper termination (wall end) and our DeathGrip IEC connector at the component end. We think this 7-gauge package results in the best affordable high-current AC power cable in the industry for getting superior performance from the finest hi-fi and home theater amplifiers, powered subwoofers, and other high current AV components. MSRP $175.