“M7-RFS is a very special amplifier system incorporating the knowledge of over thirty years of experience in the field of music industry, engineering and electronics. It is an innovative amplifier system establishing new reference standards in the audio world. Amplifiers are the soul of any system. They are delivering the image of any music program and they are the driving force that is mostly responsible for the final performance of any system.”

“Unfortunately all the conventional known technologies regardless their brand name or design have significant weaknesses that create limits making them selective in speaker designs and music programs. M7-RFS with its innovative engineering breaks these limits by being able to combine with any speaker and with any music program. They reveal the best of any speaker regardless size, type or sensitivity.

Sometimes, it is observed that, a component with worse specifications in the lab sounds much better than another which has excellent lab measurements because of the very high feedback. While the high feedback corrects the numbers in the lab, at the same time it spoils the sonic characteristics of the component, like TIM distortion.

But music is much more than five numbers in the lab, it is countless harmonic combinations. Single ended designs sound so musical and are pleasant to the ear because of the very low feedback. But contrary to an M7-RFS their lack of power, high distortions and their restricted dynamic range makes them very selective in music programs and speaker designs.

M7-RFS stands out as it is a very energetic amplifier based only on one current and one voltage stage, it has a significant rate of active power in pure class A and lacks any kind of interstage between the first and final stage. Also it is an absolutely zero global and local feedback amplifier system, and having almost no distortions, specially TIM distortion, it has superb linearity, a very extended dynamic range and excellent phasic behavior.

After extended research in the field of fine tuning and by using advanced algorithms a state of the art chassis was designed. It is a unique suspended energy controller system which eliminates the acoustic feedback in a way that minimize its interaction with the amplifier electronics while keeping the sonic characteristics intact. The chassis is consisted of two decks, at the lower one there are three ultra silent custom made transformers that are isolated by the upper deck. The upper deck is floating and consists of the first and the final stage and provides the optimum ventilation and even heat distribution of the amplifier.

The MRP711 preamplifier is based on the same design and topology as M7-RFS so by complementing each other the acoustic experience is out of this world.

The reason M7-RFS is a top performing system is that it has no limits, it has musicality maintaining the harmonic field adequacy  which makes it ultra transparent and has resolution in every fine detail in such an extended way that no single ended system can reach.On the other hand it seems to have endless power reserve and uncompressed energy which effortlessly can drive the most difficult and demanding speaker. At the same time if matched with a very sensitive horn speaker in a magical way it can reveal in a unique holographic way a very demanding program, like a big symphonic orchestra, something that was not possible until now with any amplifier system. It seems that at any given moment the speaker controls the amount of energy required from the amplifier.

Practically there is no clipping point while the amplifier maintains its linearity and consistency even at very high db levels no matter how difficult and complex is the music program.
Simply the definition of pure music experience.”