Meeting with Rainer Weber of Kaiser Acoustics

It was a great opportunity to meet with Rainer Weber Technical Director of Kaiser Acoustics and his lovely family. Igor Hočevar of Elementare swiftly organised everything and the friendly deep technological discussion was ignited instantly.
Rainer Weber posses a profound knowledge across many fields connected to the high-end audio.   Long time expertise with pysho-acustics, room acoustics, high-tech industry materials and long therm  dealings with the hubris of resonances, vibrations and micro vibrations helped him gathering the impressive know how, that shaped his focus and vision. He’s an ardent music lover and this avidly reflects in the way he sees the value of music and how should be presented through the Kaiser Acoustic speakers.
Will get more into discussion in my upcoming Kaiser Kawero Classic speakers test and review. Stay tuned for the unique intriguing and complex reading soon.