One of a kind Metaxas & Sins custom turntable ultimate package. This is a specially-built, one-of-a-kind setup, custom-made for Anquan Athens. The entire package includes the turntable itself along with the platter an external motor (“Phonographic Perambulator”), two separate MC phono stages with dedicated power supplies for each, two arm-boards, one of which comes in painted metallic black and machined aluminum in red (3 arm-boards in total), two titanium tone-arms (“Phono Pickup Combobulators”), an external speed control unit, and a custom-stand with built-in metal shelves that is purpose-built to house all the items in one integrated part.  The entire piece also comes with a set of IsoAcoustics GAIA Titan Rhea isolation feet.

For sale by Anquan Athens, Greece.