Modulum™ Harmonic Absorber

“Of all the means to control vibrations, this is the most all-encompassing and effective method. The unique Modulum harmonic absorber system works to eliminate unwanted vibrations from many sources: from components themselves; from adjacent components; from external vibrations induced by walls and floors; and finally, from airborne vibrations. It is the holistic line of defense.” Modulum harmonic absorbers are meticulously designed laser-cut stainless steel blades. They are mounted in a specific array in precise areas underneath the platforms to reduce the amplitude of mechanical vibrations and resonances.”

“For months we experimented with different designs of harmonic absorbers. We were able to whittle down our initial selections to twelve different models that are now used in different combinations to optimize the performance of all our platforms no matter what size or type of wood.”

Audio signals can be disturbed to the point of unwanted degradation by not just one, but many levels of vibrations.
Experimenting with different size of Modulum™ harmonic absorbers was like working with a graphic audio equalizer, adjusting the peaks and valleys throughout the frequency range. When harmonic absorbers are precisely designed, the audio signal that emerges is as close to the unadultered original recording as possible.
In terms of music reproduction quality, everything falls into place. Better focus, sound stage, depth, clarity, tonality and so much more.
Well-tuned platforms enable audio equipment to perform at its best and give you the exceptional listening experience you’re looking for.
Several different stress levels (in red and green) on a platform
With the use of Modulum tuned dampers, detrimental stress is removed resulting in optimized audio performance