APL Hi-Fi writes: “We are very excited to announce the DSD-MR SE (Special Edition). The SE is the final release for our reference DSD-MR model. The DSD-MR SE is a major upgrade that brings you even closer to the music. It offers a remarkable level of detail, realism, and naturalness of the sound reproduction, comparable to studio reel-to-reel machines.” 

Here is a quote about the DSD-MR SE form an audiophile who used to have the DSD-MR MK1 and MK2 versions: “This is not a DAC at all. Not only is everything clearer, which I didn’t think was possible to this degree. But there’s more bass, more treble and yet nothing is done to excess. Congratulations on a stunning achievement. To make the music this much more transparent and remain natural seems to go against the laws of audio physics.”