New Finite Elemente pagode° MKII Carbon Edition

Finite Elemente pagode° MKII Carbon Edition celebrates world premiere. “To mark the 20th anniversary of our groundbreaking “Resonator Technology”,we are pleased to present the anniversary edition of our pagode° rack system, the pagode° MKII CARBON Edition. The aim of this project was not only to appropriately celebrate the “Resonator Technology” that we have been successfully using in the pagode° system worldwide for 20 years, but also to bring the proven pagode° series to an even higher sonic level.”

“The “Resonator Technology” developed for the pagode° system in 2002 in cooperation with the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts was able to enhance the already low-resonance pagode° design even more in terms of sound. We have successfully continued along this path with the introduction of the pagode° MKII generation in 2019.

So what could further improve the sonic experience at this point?

The gained expertise with our Carbofibre° products led us to develop the idea of using the extreme torsional stiffness of the carbon material to further stiffen the wooden elements made of Canadian maple and, in combination with the standard carbon shelves, to provide a significant advancement in sound. The result of these efforts is a higher degree of accuracy and detail as well as an engaging homogeneity and gripping dynamics.

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