New Pitt & Giblin TENET Speaker System.

Pitt & Giblin writes: “Everything we know, all we’ve learnt, this is large format HiFi taken to the extreme. Recorded music listening scaled to the drama and theatre of live performance. At three metres tall these pillars represent everything that is Pitt & Giblin.”  

TENET, a stereo system like no other. With roots in live professional audio, and more recently celebrated HiFi systems, Pitt & Giblin merge these world to make something truly unique. 
A highly optimised extended bandwidth high frequency module plays into a monstrous cast bronze expansion, which transitions to a solid laminated mouth piece. The purely point source signal also covers off on frequencies typically reserved for dedicated midrange devices. The consistent axial response and incredible dynamics hand over to dual 15” flanking mid bass drivers which are isolated in large sealed cabinets, and tightly control these troublesome frequencies beyond the abilities of traditional loudspeakers. This top section has in excess of 1200w RMS per side, which of course, is driven by active PASCAL amplifier modules and high-end DSP housed in the sub bass module. 
Each pillar sits atop an extremely large sub bass system which displace well over a cubic metre each. Dual 21” opposed drivers fire into a cavity, whereby their mechanical forces cancel, resulting in purely acoustic energy that vents both fore and aft – with rearward reflex ports tuned well inside the ordinary ‘infra’ bass region. This segment has 2200w RMS on tap each side, for what can only be described as a monumental amount of bass.
TENET is absolutely ridiculous. It puts music on a pedestal, it expands the horizon of listening rooms and blows convention out of the water. That’s us, and we can’t wait to share it with you at the @saint_hotel 
Jack & Ross