RAMM Audio writes: “RAMM Audio is an emerging company with the passion in offering fine audio cables to the audiophiles. Our proprietary designs and manufacturing process enable us to produce interconnect, speaker, and power cables that deliver performances that can only be found in similar products from a few high-end cable brands. Our mission is not to compete with these fine cable manufacturers; our goal is to become an alternative source in providing premium audiophile cables and fine parts – at more affordable price points.” 

“Our Air-Inside© geometry designs using pure metal materials allow us to produce cables with significant improvements in minimizing noise and distortion while maintaining transparent signal transports. The Amadeus series bring out an excellent application where pure solid core OCC copper conductors are used in our Air-Inside© geometry speaker cable construction. The Amadeus5Mk2 and Amadeus7Mk2 provide excellent transparency and resolution delivering dynamics with more defined lows and smooth highs while minimizing noise and signal transmission distortion. The cable’s internal six individually shielded core wires provide the flexibility of bi-wiring, bi-amping, or single channel terminations. Pure copper banana and spade connectors are available with gold and rhodium/silver plating choices.

The Elite interconnect series also reflect on our design philosophy, using the same highest conductivity OCC copper conductors with Air-Inside© geometry construction. Our flagship the Elite8 Reference interconnects, with three separately multi-layer shielded cores for balanced terminations, establish clean signal characteristics of natural, pure and transparent sound, with exceptional dimensional imaging. The Elite8-Premium Reference interconnect with pure copper NBU (Noise Bypass Unit) is our quietest interconnect that rejects non-essential internal and external noise and interference. Termination choices are available with XLR and RCA connectors in gold and rhodium/silver plated over copper metals.

While the OCC conductor delivers the best performance, the more affordable Air9, Air25, and S-series cables are available with solid core OFHCC Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper conductors that minimize distortion due to skin-effect of stranded wires. Cost friendly cables without sacrificing performance.

The Air-Inside© geometry cable construction represent our simple design philosophy in producing speaker and interconnect cables that deliver true to the original end-to-end signal transport through the highest conductivity OCC wires and premium copper connectors.

In addition to our cables, we also provide premium DIY parts and components that are crafted with fine materials so projects can be done with full do-it-yourself confidence — eliminating the guesswork like “I-think-my-system-should-have-really-sounded-better!” and enjoying the accomplishments of do-it-by-yourself with do-it-for-yourself!

All of these, and more affordable – that’s our goal!”