Tron Electric just released the 60kg cost-no-object Nemesis RIAA Phono Amplifier phono stage. P.O.A. (price on application) and depends on spec, as in MM or MC with internal MC transformers fitted. It was designed to work with the matching Nemesis MC transformer. A limited number of 10 amplifiers. Each amplifier takes 3 months to build and assemble. There are 7 layers of internal damping between the feet and the amplifying valves. It is completely noise-free which is a huge achievement for any phono stage, let alone a valve/tube-based one. There are 8 mains transformers and 10 chokes in the power supply as well as a lot of custom parts specially made for this unique phono stage.

“Once in a lifetime something really special comes along which changes peoples perception of what is possible in terms of performance and quality. Enter the Nemesis! A valve phono amplifier all others will be judged against.

RIAA Phono Amplifier
It took 5 years to locate all the parts to build this very special phono amplifier and a further 2 years to design and 3 months to construct it.
The Nemesis RIAA is a two-box phono amplifier. One box houses the power supply and the other houses the audio RIAA circuit. There are only 4 valves (tubes), two in each channel in the audio section and 4 valves (tubes) in the power supply. The phono circuit is very simple with very few parts to corrupt the delicate audio signal. In the power supply there are 8 mains transformers including one especially for powering the 2 LEDs so their noise does not pollute the audio power supply and audio circuits. This is the level of detail that has gone in to this design. All mains transformers and chokes are all custom wound by hand on the highest quality C section cores. These are custom made and therefore not available to anyone else. Very rare capacitors are used together with C section chokes for amazing clarity, tonality and timbre.
All internal wiring is made from audio grade 6 nines pure silver in the audio circuit signal path, and 6 nines OFC copper for the power supply and other wiring. All RCA sockets are the top quality WBT pure silver types. The internal build quality has to be seen to be believed. Something Graham is famous for, his meticulous attention to detail and construction techniques which all aid in creating the perfect sounding phono amplifier, as well as the quietest phono stage made today.”
Design features:
  • Unprecedented signal to noise
  • Very short signal path
  • Choke regulated power supplies
  • Valve/Tube complement (RIAA): 4 x D3a’s
  • Valve/Tube Complement (Power Supply): 4 x 7Y4’s
  • Passive RIAA Filter for excellent signal purity
  • Internal MC option available
  • Unique slow start filament supply circuit
  • Precision Ceramic valve/tube bases
  • High quality pure silver WBT RCA connectors
  • CNC machined chassis
  • Hand assembled in England
  • All parts supplied by British and European companies

  • Input: – 1 x RCA input (L & R)
  • Output: – 1 x RCA output (L & R)
  • Gain: – 50dB
  • Input Impedance: – 47K ohms
  • Output Impedance: – 650 ohms
  • Frequency Response: – 20Hz – 20KHz (+/- 0.5dB)
  • Size – Control Unit: – (L x W x H): 40cm x 27cm x 18cm
  • Weight: – 25Kgs
Power Supply
  • Mains Supply: -115–240 volts AC (50–60Hz)
  • Power Consumption 115v – 130watts, 230v – 65watts
  • Earth lift included
  • Size: – Power Supply (L x W x H): 40cm x 27cm x 18cm
  • Weight: – 35Kgs
  • Warranty: – 10 years (parts and labour)