Zu’s redesigned (from $5,999.00) Soul 6 loudspeaker combines the build quality to rival the finest furniture with a sound that sets a new standard for what is possible within a modern form in an accommodating size. It’s what happens when design and engineering fall helplessly in love with the sonic promise and architecture of the classic Zu Soul.

How good is it? Possibly the best small to mid format floor standing loudspeaker yet. The Souls will amaze your ears, eyes, and your brain—and are built to do it decade after decade without losing one bit of their magic.

Yes, Soul looks fantastic: clean, timeless, yet modern and the perfect size. With the previous Soul versions it was a touch tricky to define its performance and took considerable care in amp selection and room tuning. Not so with the new Soul 6. Amp matching is far less critical, as is placement within your room. The new Soul puts out truly gripping life-like dynamics and irresistibly sincere tone. Textures bellow and flow without effort, dynamic contrasts dance and burst, all in perfect time and throughout your room and home. The fidelity Soul 6 delivers is so right, so coherent that it carries and fills a space like a high value real instrument. Voices and instruments sound real, and to the size and scale of a live performance.

The new Soul is natural, unhyped, uncolored, and confident as [cuss].

Orders will start shipping July 1st.

Yes, we have skipped a few mark numbers in the Soul’s versioning—but form and size has remained. When you hear it we think you’ll understand why, performance is wonderfully close to DRUID 6.    

Extraordinary tonal performance. Subwoofer may not be necessary depending on room, amp, program, and personal taste. This new Soul digs considerably deeper than the mark-one and mark-two that came before. Bass improvements are largely the result of the new, extensive cabinet superstructure and the all okoume cabinetry.

Impressively realistic and stable recreation of sound field and space. Big music sounds massive; intimate recordings like they’re right in front of you. Gains realized in the bass are also in play here. The insanely high level of internal superstructure combine with the high strength and damping of the okoume to reduce distortions caused by the cabinet, and the cabinet noise feeding back into the driver. We have also realized near Druid 6 level of driver-to-cabinet coupling and integration.

Due to the point-source design, tight timing, and super low cabinet noise the stereo image is stable throughout the room, the other room, and the room down the road. Combined with impulse responses similar to the best horn speakers, the new Soul does the “like live” impression better than about any loudspeaker you can fit in your home. Weighing only 39 pounds each without hindering your view, the new Soul is a whole new level of cool and badassery.

These attributes are the result of our relentless search and our particular mix of tenets:

  • High-efficiency
  • Undemanding speaker load
  • Full-range methodology designed to run without a crossover on the full-range driver
  • Bandwidth extending down through the kick drum and deepest human voices


  • 8 ohm
  • 99 dB-SPL @ 1W/1m (99 dB-SPL @ 2.8V/1m)
  • 45 – 28,000 Hz Bandwidth (-3dB in-room)
  • 150 watt full-bandwidth program power handling
  • Height: 32” [81.5 cm] (without footers)
  • Footprint: 12.75 x 12.75” [32.5 x 32.5 cm]

  • Weight Each: 39 pounds [18 kgs]
  • Weight Each Packaged: 49 pounds [22 kgs]

Purchases made in 2021 for the new Soul will have the following added value: 

  • 120-day satisfaction guarantee (double our standard 60-day program)
  • We coordinate and pay for return shipping